Friday, October 8, 2010

Our Unexpected Trip....

to West Palm Beach.  For those of you that haven't heard.....last Tuesday during therapy we heard a noise during her knee bends.  Gracie said it hurt a little but then got up and walked to my car to go home.  We put her in the bed with ice but as the evening went on the pain just got worse.  So off we go to the emergency room.  After totally blowing the minds of the staff at the emergency room (umm no I have never seen anything like that before) and telling the xray tech exactly how to take the xrays, I sent the pictures to Dr. Paley and he called and told me her femur was broken!!  Fast forward thru the shock, panic and hours of crying (me and Gracie) and Wednesday morning first thing we are on a plane to Florida for emergency surgery.

After waiting most of the day in pre op they took her into the operating room at around 7pm.  They had to replace the 3 pins where her femur broke because they were all loose.  He added another pin to the side of her leg and one in the top of her thigh! (Picture above)  So much for her current wardrobe!  She stayed in the hospital until Friday evening and we came home on Saturday afternoon.  To say the least, it was quite a week!

She has been home from school all week though we let her go for a few hours today.  She said she had to go...."it is crazy hair day mom"!  She is doing really good now that she is adjusting to her "new" fixator.  Bending at the waist is not quite as easy but she is a trooper.

And to my son,  you are the most amazing boy!  You have had to give up alot this summer and have not complained about being away from your family!  I was so thrilled to have you with me in Florida those 6 weeks and was heart broken to have to send you back home to go to school.  I thought that when we came home last month that I would not have to leave again until it was time for your sister's fixator to come off!  Who new.....I hated to leave you again last week but you took the news like a champ and did what you were supposed to do and told me not to worry!  I am so proud to be your mom!


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Daddy, Tanner & Gracie the day before surgery

Getting ready to go to the operating room

My new hardware

My hardware with rose petals

A Must Have Therapy Tool

A Must Have Therapy Tool
Lola....courtesy of West Palm Beach