Sunday, January 2, 2011

Count down is on.....

Just wanted to let everyone know that we leave on Tuesday for FLORIDA!!!  Gracie will be having her fixator removed on Thursday.  We have Pre Op on Wednesday and will find out the time of the surgery then.  We are also counting down how many more times we have to do pin care.  I think that is one of the best parts of removal.  NO MORE PIN CARE!!  She already has all of her jeans laid out for when she gets home.  She is so ready for "regular clothes"!

Thanks to everyone for always keeping Gracie in your thoughts.  It really means the world to us.  We will keep you all posted on how everything goes.

The W's


after coming soon.......

Daddy, Tanner & Gracie the day before surgery

Getting ready to go to the operating room

My new hardware

My hardware with rose petals

A Must Have Therapy Tool

A Must Have Therapy Tool
Lola....courtesy of West Palm Beach